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Hi everyone! I am a writer, artist and soon to be Father for the very first time. Daderoo is my chance to share some thoughts, experiences and, eventually, little stories that I hope to read to my own child soon enough.

I noticed during my wife’s pregnancy that she had access to a lot of apps and blogs that really helped her out, and I thought this might help some women and men out that are going through pregnancy themselves.

I am not intending this as a “men’s perspective” experience, as I know that many of us live in modern households with all sorts of modern families. For instance, I do all the cooking at home (and I love it) but we both run our own businesses and will be fortunate enough to spend ample time with our little baby.

This is all a personal perspective, and I hope everyone understands that this (like all things in life) is a work in progress. Our little baby has given me the chance to get back to doing some writing for myself after so many years writing for commercial reasons, and I am going to grab onto it!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy Daderoo!

You can check out my gallery here.

I run a design agency called Social Step and my wonderful wife runs a successful Wedding Stationery business.