Just to be clear at the start, this is not a medical advice website and if you have concerns for your little one consult your doctor or head to the hospital! What I am doing a quick post on today is the difference I have found between children’s Panadol and Children’s Nurofen (ibuprofen).

The reason I am writing this one today is that the little baby is down with the sniffles at the moment. Thankfully, because of our first daughter, I am well trained already. So here is what I think.


If you are in this situation, where your little one is in extreme discomfort then you want the quickest pain relief. For that, I will always run for the panadol. I just find it starts acting much much quicker than the Nurofen. You might be waiting for a little while for Nurofen to fully kick in and help with pain and discomfort.


Because it just works better than Panadol. I said it. The pain relief is better. It lasts longer. I think the kids even take it easier (at least the one we use). It’s just basically those times when pain relief is needed ASAP that I would prefer panadol.

The great news is, that you can use BOTH! If you need to, you can overlap the panadol and the Nurofen (make sure you follow all instructions on your medication or consult with the pharmacist or GP first!!) so when one is wearing off, the other one is just kicking in.

This combination has saved us a few times already. I hope this little discussion on the differences between Panadol and Nurofen have been helpful. To be honest they will both do the job!