Our amazing girl and her dainty birthday cake smash.

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while, now that my beautiful daughter is one year old. The reason being that I had the joy of having my daughter literally a couple of days after my own birthday.

Now, my wife always worries that they don’t buy me amazing birthday presents, and because I can get carried away with gifts for her. But really, what can compare with growing a person for your partner?

Admittedly, she didn’t carry the the child as some kind of elaborate birthday present idea. In fact our baby was well past term. Still, now I have something great to look forward to every year as we father and daughter can celebrate their birthdays together.

I’ve already said, since there is a day between our birthdays, that it will be a day for mum, so all three of us in our little family can celebrate each other. I never really cared much about my birthday, but now it’s going to be bigger than Christmas!

I’ve been a little busy with my business and my creative art and writing work, so just a short post today, but will definitely be back on here soon to write about childhood health and parenting as well because if some not so great experiences lately. Thanks for visiting Daderoo, I’ll also be tidying up the look of the site soon too to make the front page easier to browse individual blog posts.